Mei Mei Gaetz

Mei Mei Gaetz is a Environmental Volatility Market Maker, who sits in our Houston office.

Mei Mei has 20 years of experience as an S&P Index Options and Crude Oil Options Market Maker and Risk Specialist. She joined Marex in March 2023 from Cargill.

Mei Mei makes markets for EUA, RGGI and CCA carbon markets, and authors the Neon Insights Premium Channel ‘Compliance Carbon Emissions Derivatives’, which provides a unique service in the industry collating and analyzing trading data.

Phone: (+1) 312 795 7725

Neon Insights Premium Channels

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Compliance Carbon Emission Derivatives

Compliance Carbon Emission Cap and Trade programs faces continual changing landscapes as the governments fine tune the system to achieve their goals to combat climate change. This channel allows readers to keep up to date on all that is going on in the derivatives market that compliments the Cap and Trade program.

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