Compliance Carbon Emission Derivatives


Compliance Carbon Emission Cap and Trade programs faces continual changing landscapes as the governments fine tune the system to achieve their goals to combat climate change. Our Channel allows readers to keep up to date on all that is going on in the Derivatives Market that compliments the Cap and Trade program.


Mei Mei Gaetz

About this channel

Channel author Mei Mei Gaetz has been an Energy and S&P Index Options Market Maker for 12 years and was Director of Risk at prominent proprietary trading firm for eight years.

Our program aims to be objectively present all the trade information we collect, which tends to be disorganized in the current marketplace.

All Daily Updates are T+1 Basis

  • Daily Recap of Options trades and significant Futures trades.
  • Daily Update of ATM implied Vol (subjective estimation)
  • Daily Update of Exchange Settled ATM Straddles/Vol.

    Bi-Weekly Recap on changes in government policy as well as market conditions in price and volatilities.

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Topics covered

  • Reginal Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Futures
  • California Carbon Allowance (CCA) Futures
  • European Carbon Emissions Allowance (EUA) Futures