The Energy Transition


This channel bridges the gap between energy and metals markets, both critical sectors in meeting the world’s zero-carbon ambitions, with a strong focus on developments in oil, gas, and copper markets, in addition to other timely and relevant topics.


Ryan FitzMaurice

About this channel

The shift to low-carbon energy sources is well underway, albeit at varying speeds around the world. Energy markets tend to get much of the focus, but metals will naturally play a big role in this shift, from the manufacturing of EVs, wind turbines, and solar cells all the way to power grids, and battery technologies. The transition is likely to take decades and will be bumpy at times, resulting in volatile swings in commodity prices, spreads, and inventories.

This channel sheds light on fundamental, quantitative, and macroeconomic market drivers and other key elements of the energy transition.

About the author

Ryan has spent his 18-year career in commodities markets and is recognized as a highly ranked energy price forecaster by Bloomberg. Ryan has a strong interest in the transition to low carbon economies, which will require the electrification of much of the world’s energy consumption.

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  • Energy with a focus on crude oil and natural gas
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