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As a boutique energy options firm, Eagle’s ability to service clients with accurate, timely and liquid pricing is in demand. Covering all major Oil, Gas and global energy product markets, places the desk in a unique position to provide intelligent and thoughtful commentary to our diverse and active client base.


Mathew Kraus
Marco Aldridge
Matthew Collis
Chris Cowan
Chris Cowan
Corey O’Rourke

About this Channel

We are a market leading, FCA regulated commodity brokerage serving over 140 global commodity clients ranging from oil majors, trading houses, to banks and hedge funds. Eagle wields an impressive repertoire of 25 years combined commodity options trading experience. This experience allows Eagle to actively price and track volatility, skews, commodity arbs as well as corporate and financial flows across all markets we cover.

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Topics Covered

  • Crude Oil
  • Energy products