Jim Wyckoff On The Markets

Jim Wyckoff
Senior Analyst

The very latest markets commentary and insights from experienced analyst/trader Jim Wyckoff.

Jim’s content is concise and easy to understand – just right for both beginning and veteran traders.

Jim’s work has been featured in various international publications such as Reuters, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, Jim has spent over 35 years involved in stock, financial, currency and commodity markets and combines his wealth of knowledge and experience to provide clear, actionable insights on markets.

This channel provides you with timely, comprehensive market updates and daily trading opportunities.

Premium Includes

Daily AM Reports

Providing a brief overview of overnight developments impacting the stock/currency/financial/metals/energies/grain markets.

Daily PM Reports

Providing end-of-day, comprehensive technical analysis of all the major U.S. futures markets traded.

Up-to-the-minute Technical Analysis

Covering U.S. stock index futures, Treasury bond and note futures, crude oil futures and the Euro currency futures.

Trading Idea Of The Day

Jim's best daily futures trading idea, including entry point, protective stop placement and profit objective.

Actionable Content

Unique and actionable analytical/technical charts on many popular futures and FOREX markets.

Topics Covered

Stock, Currency, Financial, Metals, Energies, Grain Markets, Crude Oil