Asia Metals Outlook


Providing commodity market participants with a unique, highly differentiated views on the outlook for metals prices, with a particular focus on Chinese demand and supply dynamics.


Ian Roper


Written by Ian Roper, whose 20+ year career in Asia has seen him develop a deep understanding and wide contact network, his position as an independent analyst enables him to provide unbiased, leading edge views on the metals markets.

China remains a market which is dominated by policy and other factors, and where data based analytics is often less reliable than in markets with more reliable data sources. Ian's deep understanding of the country and his wide industry contact network have often enabled him to pick turning points in Chinese metals demand well ahead of consensus.


Monthly Market Outlook

  • A deep dive into the macro drivers and pricing outlook for the major base metals, bulks and new energy commodities.
  • Short, medium and longer term market analysis
Regular insights on market developments

Shorter market commentary on particular events or changes which Ian see’s developing and worthy of an update to readers