New Pricing Structure

30 May 2023
Single Update Image

We’ve adapted the pricing structure of the Neon platform based on your feedback, to allow you to choose the service levels that are most meaningful for each Neon user in your business.

  • Pricing is no longer bundled into packages. Each app can be upgraded individually to meet the needs of back office users and trading users.
  • We have removed the cap on volume within Neon Trader and replaced it with a flat fee for access.
  • All users who operate clearing accounts with Marex now have full access to all features in Neon Portfolio, free of charge.

To allow all Neon users the opportunity to review the new features, there will be no charge for Neon Trader or Neon Portfolio in the month of June. Please see below for more detail on charging.

New pricing
Trader $200 unlimited*
Portfolio $0 – statements, balances, positions, performance analysis

* – per user

Changes for existing Basic and Standard users

To allow all users to retain access to their current packages, we will migrate all Neon users to the equivalent of Neon Standard at no charge at the end of May 2023. If you are a current Neon Standard package user, you will be charged as usual for May and see no charge from June onwards. If you were a Neon Basic user, you will see no charge for your new access level.

As of June 1st 2023, Neon Standard will cease to exist as a charging structure. Existing Trader users will be migrated onto the new fee structure, with no charge for the month of June. Each user will be able to choose to keep their new access before the next charging period begins.

All prices are in USD per user per month and exclude execution fees, exchange market data and admin fees. Market data monthly fees can be found here and are subject to a $5 admin fee per market subscription. Contact Neon Concierge for access to APIs and algorithmic execution. Pricing for other Neon apps is charged separately.