Neon Insights now offers alternative payment method

9 February 2023
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Neon Insights now supports an additional payment method via a business debit/credit card.

Rolled out in January 2023, this new feature means you are no longer required to have a Marex clearing account to get instant access to Premium content, providing you can produce valid business details.

Using this payment method is easy, once you are logged into Neon Insights and viewing the channel page you wish to subscribe to simply follow the steps below:
– Click subscribe
– Select “Pay with credit or debit card”
– Enter your business details
– Enter your billing information
– Confirm payment

By providing this alternative payment method and removing the previous barrier to entry of requiring a Marex clearing account, Neon looks to attract wider audiences and prospects to the platform, also providing incentive to current content contributors.

Insights, combined with Neon Trader and Portfolio, offers our users full control across their trading lifecycle. From market information to execution, through to analysis – all in one platform.

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