Carbon User Guide

Carbon is designed and built by the in-house technology team at Marex and is part of the Neon suite of applications. Carbon provides access to the New Zealand carbon emissions trading scheme (NZ ETS) for Marex clients.  Accessible on desktop, the app provides access to trade NZU (New Zealand Units).

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How to log in

Log into Neon as usual at

From the Neon dashboard, find the Carbon app icon in Your Apps at the top of the screen. If you require access to be granted, click "Request access" and a member of the Neon Concierge team will be in touch to confirm your details.

Navigating Neon Carbon

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All available products are listed on this grid.

The Trades grid is sorted by status: Approved, Rejected, Blank - Time: Earliest > Latest

Trades can be exported by clicking on Export button.

Making a trade

To make a trade, click the line item of the product you wish to trade, and complete the dialog box. Up to 3 bids appear on the grid on each product on each side (buy/ sell). Additional bids will appear in a separate order stacker.


Users can filter to display 'Only my trades'. This will filter the grid to trade made by the current user and those made by their Company/ies.

Users can filter the Trade by ‘From’ and ‘To’ date.

Filter by product: products shown are based on the available trades present in grid.

Filter by ‘Find’, which is free text field.

The Trades grid can display up to 2000 trades.

Trade Notification

A ‘Trade notification’ pops up when you have made a trade. These can be disabled within the settings. Use the 'x' button to close the popup; if you don’t close them, the notifications appear in a list.

Displayed within the notification:

  • Background: Blue = Bought, Red = Sold
  • Bought or Sold
  • Instrument
  • If Bought, from Company
  • If Sold, to Company
  • Qty and Price e.g. 30/0.00
  • Trade Time

Example - Bought Financial Product

Example - Sold Financial Product

Example - Bought Physical Product & Sold Physical Product

Trade rules

Trader cannot trade against My order or My Company order. Will be presented with the following error.


Edit the columns by expanding the menu at the far right hand side of the screen. Column choices persist during a user session but are not saved after log out.


The Orders screen lists all current active and part filled trades.

As with the Trades screen, columns can be resized, removed or added via the side bar.
Clicking on each line item opens the ‘revise’ dialog. Clicking the X button on each line item opens the ‘confirm cancel order’ dialog.
Pulling from Orders tab

Pull All - the ‘pull confirmation’ dialog will appear first to confirm Pull All.
Pull Selected

Choose the orders you wish to pull from the checkbox on the left hand side of the list of orders. The ‘Pull Selected’ button will then be enabled, and displays a count of number of selected orders. A confirmation dialog will appear first to confirm ‘pull selected’.


Filter the Orders grid by any of your viewable columns. For example:

  • AON: show all orders with AON flag enable
  • No Implieds: show all orders with No Implieds flag enable
  • Off screen: show all orders with Off screen flag enable
  • Iceberg: show all orders with Iceberg flag enable


Use the ‘Export’ button to download the Orders grid in .xlsx (MS Excel) format.


The Settle screen shows the closing price on all filled orders.
Settle column:

Live settlements sent at close.

Settle tab: Latest settlement price for the filtered date selected.
Filter by date: User can filter the settlement tab by date using the Settlement Date picker.

Export the Settlement table by clicking on the ‘Export’ button to download a .xls (MS Excel) file titled 'Settle dd-mm-yyyy.xlsx' with dd-mm-yyyy being the current settlement date selected.

Live Markets

This screen collates all markets currently trading and accessible for the logged in user.

Each market can be collapsed or expanded to show current trades and orders. Only products with current trades or orders will populate on this screen.

It can be combined with any other screen, and the height of each panel adjusted from the top border with a mouse or trackpad.


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