All-new Neon Dashboard now live

7 December 2023
Single Update Image

Dashboard has been redesigned to provide a valuable set of features, including personalised content and quick links. As the first screen you land on when you log into Neon, the redesign aims to make it as easy as possible to complete your most frequent tasks.

New features

Your apps – Quickly launch the apps you currently use from the top panel.

Personalised Insights articles – Click straight through to the latest articles from the Insights channels you are subscribed to.

If you are not subscribed to any channels, you’ll see the latest free articles here.

Quick links to get support – Raise a new request, or get assistance from the Concierge team.

Discover other apps – Apps that you are eligible for, but currently do not have access to, are found here. Learn more about each and register your interest.

App switcher – Quickly reach all other Neon apps, or return to the Dashboard from wherever you are in the platform.

Manage your profile – Control your privacy settings, set your interests, update your profile and general notifications from here.

If you’ve got any feedback on the new features, we’d love to hear from you! You can use the General Requests feature on Dashboard, or email the Neon Concierge team directly.

To see the new Dashboard, log out of your Neon profile and log back in.